Lets start at the beginning


A little introduction about myself and why I choose to join the infinite space of faceless strangers who inhabit the cyber space.

Lets call me City Girl. I am a Bombay girl married to a Coorg. As fate would have it, after having traveled far and wide in the world, I fell in love with a very special man closer to home. Fate again, decided that our plans didn’t matter. A month post our wedding I moved to Coorg, to look after the coffee  plantation that belongs to hubby dear. We shuttle between Bangalore and Coorg ( primarily!) . I am based out of this little countryside 10.5 months in a year, while the man of the house globe trots to bring the bacon(or should I say pork) home. 🙂

I  believe not a lot of women/people in India are privileged enough to have the opportunity to experience the life I do. I am in the unique shoes of a person who is well educated, has a plethora of opportunities in urban India, has never been an agriculturist, and at 35 made the decision to move lock, stalk and barrel in order to preserve what Mr’s dad handed us over. Little did I realize then, that it was not a plantation or house he left behind; it was the  door to an exceptional life where we could have a special future.

Its been two and half years now, and I finally feel ready to share the journey I embarked upon. And the reasons I believe this is the best decision destiny ever made for me. The decision being – falling in love with Coorg and my man; not necessarily in that order. 🙂

Along the journey I hope to capture essential information about this lovely lovely hill station , talk about the people and fascinating culture, offer an unfiltered view of the slow-un-city- life we lead, talk about the challenges an outsider faces and how to work around it, definitely expound on my experiences, hopefully create a platform which encourages people to get in touch and yes, ask for help many a times as well. 🙂

The essence being how I  continue to slowly but steadily build a meaningful, happy, content life in a place that was once alien; and today I  proudly call home.

And yes, I will invariably talk a lot about my darling dog-son, Mr M. 🙂 Welcome to my life.



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