A question I get asked a lot

” So you must get bored na? The village life is so slow. Hardly anything to do, anyone to meet.No theaters, no malls, no restaurants. God! How do you not lose your mind?   “

To begin with let me clarify something. People who live in hill stations/small towns/villages,  have  very full lives to lead. We work as hard to make a living, sustain a livelihood, be productive and most importantly, not just faff our time away .

And to answer the above question, most planters in Coorg ( and most places I suppose)  are very  actively involved in cultivating their estates. Surprise surprise! Agriculture is a full time job. Its a  very hands-on job. Yes, I know the workers are ones who actually till the land. However, planters who truly want their estates to do really well ensure they are around a lot. I fall in this category  with the special qualification of not knowing a lot about this profession. Which means I  spend time in the estate not just being the landlord ( lady) but also being a student; learning, observing, questioning, understanding. I do all the book keeping, read up on practices, am very actively involved in a lot of important seasonal  tasks and do all the banking work. That,  my dear friends, keeps my brains and me very occupied.

Then , people in the countryside do a lot of their own work. We don’t have full time help usually, which means I shop, cook, do mundane chores, do bank work, look after my dog, be a full time wife over the weekend etc etc. It is surprising how much time one can pass just doing all your work yourself. I have heard, that most local planters also have a very active social life, where they ACTUALLY meet people and not just whats app them. 🙂

True, I don’t have a full time job that requires me to be occupied 8.00 am- 6.00 pm. True, I don’t spend 3 hours stuck in traffic everyday. True, I don’t work on complex Excel sheets and talk about quarterly deliverables. True, I don’t have children, young or old, to keep me busy or make demands off my time and sanity.

However, I do get to do a lot more things that keep me going. I get to read books to my hearts content; its a shockingly bottomless pit that never gets filled. Thanks to the estate, I am learning a whole new trade and the intricacies of a field that is surprisingly scientific. I watch the idiot box  and find that there are so many non idiotic things being aired on a regular basis. I spend time online with the information-idiot and amass knowledge that I will most probably never need or use. I get to prioritize my health and yoga instead of it being an afterthought. I ponder substantially about the mysteries of life and being. Many a weekends I drive down to Bangalore and live the pseudo city life with The Mister. Thrice a year I get to travel in the true sense to exotic places and experience fascinating things.

Image result for being still
Inside my head …

The free time on hand allows me to sit quietly A LOT. The initial feeling of hollowness and restlessness of not having a full time mad job is now filled with stillness. A stillness that is surprisingly very pleasant. For a person like me who isn’t very prone to reaching out to people in general, it has provided the mind space where I am genuinely 100% available to the ones I care about.

What happens when you realize that conventional ambition need not necessarily drive a persons existence? These days I often wonder when did being insanely busy become a good thing. What happens when you step off the treadmill and realize that you actually never needed to get on it in the first place? In a world filled with only results and little regards for effort, what happens when doing your best is good enough? I am yet to completely understand what will progress be defined as under such circumstances, but most days I find myself not in want of  anything. I certainly see that as a very favorable state of affairs.

Obviously , I have the luxury to over simplify as the (dear) Mister worries about these things for now. I know that life will but-of-course change and I will have to deal with the alternate reality again;   until then however, the dream that I get to live in is very welcome. As is the stillness and simplicity. And the fullness.

So dear people, the answer is no. No , I do not get bored AT ALL. 🙂



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